Stuttgart Photographer

"Bringing you my world one shot at a time."

Timo Frazier, American born world traveler allows us to see the world as he sees it through his lens, sharing amazing sights from all around the world. Born in California; Timo was raised in North Carolina, has extensively traveled over the past five years and currently lives Japan. Shooting photos in three continents and over 10 countries during his travels, Timo gives us a glimpse into parts of the world we may never see for ourselves.

When not traveling, Timo runs his own photography business, shooting as a freelance photographer for weddings and events, as well as location and studio portraits. Skilled at location lighting and helping clients to feel at ease, he strives to capture natural moments, while maintaining the flexibility to work with customers to craft natural as well as creative unique portraits.
Working in all photographic mediums, as well as being highly skilled in digital imagery, the photographic style of Timo is unparalleled, combining modern techniques with a timeless, classical edge.

Timo continues to earn recognition and respect in the photography field, having works exhibited internationally, receiving numerous honors and awards in recent years.

His photographs have been adopted by the Fotki picture community and displayed at their headquarters, he later went on to win second place in their worldwide photography contest with his unique portrait style. In more recent years Timo’s works with body builder Daniel Babcock have been featured on "Cut and Jacked", "Genetic War", and "".  Timo has also been featured in various magazines, including Dark Beauty Magazine.

Timo's photographs have been represented in a growing number of private and permanent international collections, including the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the world headquarters of Fotki in Canada as well as businesses in the USA and Japan.